Keith returns to creating games after taking a twenty year sabBATical from game development, recreating Brickbat last released in 1995.

Bringing Brickbat back to life has been quite a BATtle, but Keith has used his years of experience developing business applications. Yes there are similar coding technics to moving a bat around the screen, and a business app!

Keith’s created his first computer game in the 1980s, for the Amstrad CPC computer (yup, that dates him a bit!). This was available as downloadable telesoftware from Micronet 800, a part of the Prestel videotex system.


After training and performing as an actor, achieving a Masters Degree in Voice and decades spent coaching actors and business clients (including a BATtalion of clients, including an international confectionery giant and the UK’s busiest Air Traffic Control) in dynamic vocal technique, Ginny said "Nothing I've accomplished in my life and work so far can possibly compare to becoming the voice of the bat!”. Could this be the pinnacle of her career?!


Brickbat can be shy at times, so we have Seb on hand to promote Brickbat.

With Video Production and gaming being two of Seb's favourite hobbies, he was very keen to get involved with Brickbat. His focus has been on promotional, through social media and Seb has also helped designing and making levels even BATter, as well as writing Brickbat’s story.


Chief tester, making sure all the levels are suitably challenging, but can be completed.

Dad and I have been working on brickbat ever since I have been able to type. We’ve worked hard in bringing you the game you now see today.

It has taken a long time to get BB properly up and running, and during that time we have all thought of barely anything else; often comBATing exhaustion, staying up til the witching hours to complete levels.